This special interactive iBook is a major accomplishment for the students and staff at The International Grammar School, Sydney Australia. Finding Home features the writings, artworks, music compositions and hearts of students who were brought together by creative teachers to collaborate on a project that celebrates diversity and acceptance. (Infocus International Grammar School e-newsletter Term 4, No.5 • 7 November 2014)

Finding Home iBook on iTunes

We created ‘hybrid’ creatures in Year 8 and then helped a professional artist [Christian Alison] re-create the images this year. I created Adlitam!

The Director of Music, Alison Housley and Head of Visual Arts, Sophie Lampert, with the assistance of illustrator Christian Alison, guided so many students throughout this collaborative project. Ms Lampert also wrote the bulk of the narration herself. My role was to work with both departments, the students original compositions from Garageband for IOS, the beautiful hybrid-animal pictures and create a score that combined everyone’s effort into one outstanding iBook. Having previously created the Happy Prince Composition Project in 2012 with this school and setting a standard for iBooks in Australian education, we really wanted to bring something new to this project. Luckily Tumult Hype provided us with the foundations for adding media-rich content to iBooks Author.

…IGS’s first iBook (2012) now stands as the first of its kind produced by a school in Australia…

With such rich material in the images and diverse Garageband scores my wife and I ended up with an iBook showcasing each student’s contribution – built directly into an animated iBook. We wanted the emphasis to be on the collaboration of the arts and a meeting of ideas but also the students’ successes. Download it for free here and leave a review!

We believe the result was a beautiful, colorful and completely unique iBook to celebrate the school’s 30th Anniversary. Here is what the Director of Music had to say:

…This children’s story book, with outstanding artwork and musical soundtrack is an exceptional testament to the creativity, opportunity and use of cutting edge technology available at IGS.