Back in 2015 I was fortunate to be accepted as an online presenter for the K-12 Online Conference with my unit on Fairytale Compositions. The presentation was based around investigating world musical traditions while integrating the Orff Approach and Technology, specifically iPads and Garageband for IOS. Visit the link below to see the presentation and the entire iTunesU course that Grade 5 created with me!

Fairytale Compositions.

My students and I embarked on an inquiry into Chinese Music, Opera, Orff Creative Methods, Traditional North American music, Storytelling and of course, Composition Techniques.

Sky Bear Rhythm Story (composed by Grade 5 2015).

Sky Bear Rhythm Story (composed by Grade 5 2015).

I documented the entire unit and the students were engaged throughout the entire process. Students composed and performed on both acoustic and electric mediums, notated by hand and engaged in games to learn advanced concepts. Visit the Youtube playlist for some of their final published compositions:

The K12 Online organisation is “…a free, online conference open to anyone, organized by educators, for educators around the world interested in integrating emerging technologies into classroom practice.” If you have looked through my blog this fits my educational philosophy perfectly!

The outlined goals of the K12 Conference below demonstrate their dedication to quality professional development for teachers around the world.

Conference: Provide an annual opportunity for educators around the world to share ideas and best practices relating to the use of web 2.0 tools for learning through an online conference.
Archiving: Archive presentation content and blog conversations indefinitely for global access.
Noncommercial: Focus on learning tools, concepts and ideas which are not specific to vendors or directly marketing specific vendor-provided products and services.
Accessibility: Provide as broad access to the conference content as possible with respect to file sizes, formats, etc.
Participation: Invite anyone to participate in the conference as an individual, rather than an official representative of an organization
Open Source and Free Tools: Support open source tools and communities, as well as free tools available for educators worldwide.

Whereas my presentation came directly from my Grade 5 PYP Students exploration of Fairytales and Composition, there were many other great videos as a part of this conference. “Teaching the 21st Century Musician” by Thomas J West was a standout for me with its emphasis on Blended Learning and Instruction.

Teaching the 21st Century Musician.

Within his video “…Thomas explains how incorporating the SAMR Model of Technology Integration along with cloud-based methods of Blended Learning enables middle school and high school instrumental music students to take control of their own learning and become independent, well-rounded musicians capable of 21st Century Artistry.”

K12 Online 2015, Beyond the Core Art and More.

Every presentation past and present is available on iTunesU so you can engage in free online professional development at any time! Or have your students comment on them too. Bring your classroom together on the iPad with iTunesU. What K12 have done very well is curate all the presentations into a video collection. I am video #7.

K12 Online iTunesU Video Collection.

AS of writing this I am very happy to announce that I have been selected for the 2016 Online Conference “Unlocking Learning.” Come back for more soon!