I am an educator who thrives on building connections for a lifetime of learning. I love to teach, to share my own creations, to be involved in something that draws on the expertise of those around me and to watch my students achieve their own goals. I am also a big proponent of doing the task first. Music Education gives me the chance to see all of these elements interacting together and with creative technology integration, incredible learning can occur.

I have been integrating technology into my lessons since University and I started my blog wrightstuffmusic.com initially as an ePortfolio in 2008. This quickly turned into a platform for publishing and sharing my own journey. I have since published a series of iBooks, web resources, musical analysis projects with composers and song-writers as well as getting the title of Apple Distinguished Educator (2015).

Music Education is a good analogy for lifelong learning as mastering an instrument, or composing, always takes a collection of ideas, skills and tools developed over a sustained time period, to produce something original. Education should inspire students to develop a mindset of learning and that being creative is a lifelong joy. I am always undertaking new learning opportunities and I know that they will just keep getting better!

El Macho Funk Project by Samuel
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