When I first started teaching in 2005 I began with running a Guitar Ensemble in Sydney Australia. Since then I have accumulated many arrangements, composed my own pieces and they have sadly sat on my hard-drive till the next ensemble could perform them. Well no-longer!

I had written a blog post on my Pirates of the Caribbean Guitar Ensemble arrangement back here in 2010. Since then I have had many requests for the scores and parts. The following PDF’s and more will be featured in my blog under ‘Arrangements’ in the coming months for educators to use in their classrooms (Educational Use).

This post includes my Guitar Ensemble arrangements for Transformers (Easy), Pirates of the Caribbean (Intermediate) and Super Mario (Difficult). So feel free to download them here and post your YouTube performances in the comments below!

Transformers for Guitar Ensemble

Download using the menu bar at the bottom of the PDF.

Pirates Suite for Guitar Ensemble

Score & Parts download with correct notation.

Mario Party for Guitar Ensemble

This final one is for a more advanced quartet or ensemble.